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The 16th Annual

Whitewater Festival


The 2024 Whitewater Festival is here!

Every year, we gather on the beautiful banks of the Churchill River for an exhilarating celebration of whitewater canoeing. Whether you're a seasoned paddler or just beginning, the Churchill River Whitewater Festival promises an unforgettable experience for everyone.

The festival typically features a full day of clinics tailored to different skill levels. Expect to learn about reading rapids, performing rescue maneuvers, and even trying your hand at surfing the river! Beyond the clinics, we often have special events like Surf City Day, filled with fun challenges and activities for all attendees.

What makes our festival special is the community spirit. Enjoy communal suppers, live music, and a host of canoe games and prizes. These gatherings under the stars are perfect for making new friends and sharing stories.

About The Festival


Ticket Information

While ticket prices and inclusions may vary year to year, attendees can generally expect access to clinics, meals, music, and some unique festival merchandise. Keep an eye out for ticket sales and special offers!


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