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Wapiskau River The Waterfall Expedition

2024 Dates
# of Days
Skill Level
Aug 28th

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Aug 28th

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Day 1- Travel to Missinipe, SK

  • Flights from Saskatoon to La Ronge ( your responsibility), CRCO shuttle pickup at the airport to Missinipe or make your way to Missinipe by your whatever means you like.

  • Pre trip meeting, gear check, dinner, overnight at CRCO accommodations in Missinipe

Day 2 - Travel to Brabant Lake

  • Breakfast

  • Morning meet up in front of the CRCO office

  • Travel by CRCO van shuttle to Brabant Lake

Day 2 to Day 6 - Paddle the Brabant Lake and Wapsikau River

  • The unspoiled crystal clear waters of Brabant Lake and Wapsikau River tumble over numerous waterfalls. Each portage brings a new vista as one looks back at the falls just portaged around. Each night, we will camp at a new site, surrounded by ruggedly beautiful scenery.

Day 7 - End of the trip

  • The trip ends at Steephill Lake on the Reindeer River. A float plane will transport us back to Missinipe.


What Is Included

What Is Not Included

Let the aroma of a fresh-brewed coffee draw you from your tent to a buffet of fresh fruit and granola while bacon and eggs sizzle on the grill!

Shore lunches include a great selection of bread, meat, cheese, bruschetta or hummus, fresh veggies and of course, good old peanut butter and jam.  

After a great day of paddling, enjoy a nutritious, hearty meal with a tasty dessert while you sit around the fire to tell tales of your adventures.

Our focus is on fresh local produce where we can combined with freeze dried and dehydrated food.  Our fresh meats are sourced and prepared locally and you will taste the flavors of the boreal in our locally sourced wild berries, teas and mushrooms.

What is the Food like?

Fly to Saskatoon SK (YXE), From Saskatoon Fly to La Ronge SK via Rise Air flight 502  on the fist day of the itinerary.  You will be then greeted by CRCO staff and shuttled by Van to Missinipe which is our home base and the launch point the expedition.

Alternatively you may drive to Missinipe yourself.  Missinipe is located 480 km north of Saskatoon SK.

How To Get To This Trip

The Wapiskau River connects the waters of Brabant Lake with the Reindeer River and then continues on to join the Churchill River. The river is a series of picturesque waterfalls, 11 in total. There are only a few minor rapids to be run. The challenge of this river is primarily in the approach to the portages. Sometimes, especially in higher water, these portages are a little closer to the brink of the falls than one would like. Several new trails have been cut to accommodate the higher was we have had the past decade.

The route starts with a big lake paddle. Brabant Lake is a beautiful lake with a mix of massive rock outcroppings and sand beaches. The lake is interesting to geologists because many of the rock formations appear to have been melted by some cataclysmic event in the past. There are a few places where its fun to stop and explore.

The first lake on the river itself, Lavender Lake is also interesting. If the water is not too high and one is willing to search, there are beaches with lavender colored sand.

But this river, the Wapiskau is all about the waterfalls. Each is unique.

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