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Porcupine River Expedition

2024 Dates
# of Days
Skill Level
July 21th to Aug 1st

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July 21th to Aug 1st

Start Date


Duration (days)




Skill Level

Day 1 - Sunday July 21rst - Travel to Stoney Rapids, SK

  • Make your way to Stoney Rapids on Rise Air Flight 280 from Saskatoon (Your expense)

  • Pre trip meeting, gear check, dinner, overnight in Stoney Rapids (Included)

Day 2

  • Breakfast, charter flight to Selwyn Lake

  • Set up camp, canoe skills review

Day 2 to Day 11 - Paddle the Porcupine River

  • The unspoiled clear waters of the Porcupine flow over a number of waterfalls and through several picturesque canyons. There are many fun runnable rapids, and a few falls that we will have to portage. Each night, we will camp at a new site, surrounded by ruggedly beautiful scenery.

Day 12 - Thursday August 1rst End of Adventure

  • Charter Flights from the Porcupine River back to Stoney Rapids

  • Optional Group Dinner and overnight in Stoney Rapids or mid-afternoon departure from Stoney Rapids back to Saskatoon on Rise Air Flight 280 (own expense)

  • Overnight in Saskatoon (own expense) or flights home


Guides - 5:1 ratio


  • trail meals & snacks from Day 2 lunch to Day 12 breakfast

  • Dinner & breakfast in Stoney Rapids on Day 1 & 2

Canoeing Equipment:

  • Prospector expedition canoes

  • Paddles, PFD, helmets (you may bring your own)

  • Throw lines and other safety accessories

  • ‘Kitchen’ - tarp, fire box, cooking stoves, utensils, dishes, etc

Safety Equipment:

  • First aid and repair kits, communications equipment (satellite phone)

  • Canoe rescue gear

Local Transportation:

  • Return charter flight to Porcupine River from Stoney Rapids, Saskatchewan

  • Transportation of guides, group gear, canoe etc to and from trip


  • 1 night in Stoney Rapids

  • 10 nights camping

What Is Included

  • Saskatchewan taxes 5% GST & 6% PST

  • Personal clothing and gear - a recommended clothing & equipment list will be provided

  • Travel between your home and the trip rendezvous - Points North Saskatchewan

  • Accommodation in Missinipe SK before or after the trip

  • Any meals in Missinipe before or after the trip

  • Any additional expenses or costs incurred as a result of delays to the trip caused by factors beyond our control - i.e. wind, waves, unsafe paddling conditions, forest fire, pandemic, etc

  • Any costs associated with your emergency evacuation from the trip - please contact us at CRCO for more information

  • Gratuities - we recommend $20+ per day for a guide that went out of there way to make your experience extraordinary

What Is Not Included

Let the aroma of a fresh-brewed coffee draw you from your tent to a buffet of fresh fruit and granola while bacon and eggs sizzle on the grill!

Shore lunches include a great selection of bread, meat, cheese, bruschetta or hummus, fresh veggies and of course, good old peanut butter and jam.  

After a great day of paddling, enjoy a nutritious, hearty meal with a tasty dessert while you sit around the fire to tell tales of your adventures.

Our focus is on fresh local produce where we can combined with freeze dried and dehydrated food.  Our fresh meats are sourced and prepared locally and you will taste the flavors of the boreal in our locally sourced wild berries, teas and mushrooms.

What is the Food like?

The Porcupine River trip meets in the community of Stoney Rapids, Saskatchewan (YNL). There are daily flights from Saskatoon (YXE) to Stoney Rapids via Rise Air.

How To Get To This Trip

The Porcupine River, starting from Selwyn Lake at the border of the Northwest Territories, is Saskatchewan’s most northerly and top-rated river trip. The river flows 150 km south, joining the Fond du Lac River, featuring large falls, rapids through black gorges, and diverse geological formations. Known as ‘Dead Man’s River’ by the Dene, it's challenging yet scenic, with picturesque waterfalls and diverse rapids. It's a haven for photographers, offering dynamic whitewater scenes and landscapes. The terrain is diverse, from crescent beaches to taiga, providing a mountain-like experience in Saskatchewan. The likelihood of encountering other paddlers is low, but wildlife sightings are common. The trip includes charter flights from Points North and is conducted in cooperation with Black Feather.

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