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Introduction to Whitewater Solo

2024 Dates
# of Days
Skill Level
July 5th

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July 5th

Start Date


Duration (days)




Skill Level

Introduction Solo White Water

Course Outline

Please note: The instructors may change this schedule to suit the group needs and weather.

Day 1

8:30 am Meet at the Churchill River Canoe Outfitters office in Missinpe:

paper work


Drive to Devil Lake boat launch and paddle upstream

Arrive at Barker Island and set up Base Camp.


Flatwater Review


Intro to Whitewater strokes and maneuvers

Introduction to River Reading

Launching and Landing in Current

7 :00 pm Supper

Day 2

8:00 am Breakfast

Upstream Ferry and Eddy Turns

Upstream and Downstream Lining

River Reading - safe downstream runs


Practice Eddy Turns and Ferries

Throw Bag Rescues

Self Rescues

Introduce Back Ferrying

7:00 pm Supper

Day 3: July 11

8:00 am Breakfast - pack up camp

Practice maneuvers


Area tour - Rapid Classification Practice

Descent to Barker Island

Pickup gear

Continue on down to Devil Lake

4:30 pm  Pick up at boat launch

5:30 pm  Barbeque for those who can stay

Theory discussions

·Moving water - canoe, paddle design and construction

·Basic canoe repair

·Department of transport regulations

·PFD selection

·Rescue Breathing

·Hypothermia and Overexposure (heat exhaustion and heat stroke)


Don't let the term "Intro" fool you! Commonly people who have been paddling whitewater for years think that their skills are too advanced for this course. Not true at all. This course introduces technical skills required for challenging ferries and S-turns in difficult rapids, and these skills are usually learned by simply shooting Class II or even Class III rapids. Experienced recreational paddlers, even those with many years of canoe tripping under their belts, will benefit greatly from this course, and it is a prerequisite for taking the Intermediate course. It is not advised to try to skip into the upper levels. Take this short course, then practise, practise, practise and you should be ready in a season or two for your Intermediate course.


Since this is only a very short school it is important to come with the required skills in order to allow the school to run smoothly. These are the prerequisites:

You are a good swimmer and are not afraid of water; you have Lake Water Intermediate Paddle Canada Certification. (You can paddle a straight line in the stern of the canoe without switching sides; you know the following strokes: bow, J, sweep, bow draws and pries).

If you are unsure that you skills are up to par to take this course you can enrol in our Pre Course. This Pre Course happens the day before the whitewater course is scheduled to begin. The cost is $125 per person. The course begins at 9:00 am and ends around 4:00 pm. If you are interested in the Pre Course please specify it in the notes at the end of your registration form. Link below.


Safety Knowledge: canoe over canoe rescue, rescue breathing, throw bag rescues, self- rescue, retrieving a swamped canoe.

Strokes: river J, both high and low braces, bow draw and cross bow draw.

Demonstrate: (in class I and easy class II rapids): front ferrying, eddy turns, S turns, back ferrying, entering & exiting a canoe, landing in a current, side slip, front surf, portaging, lining, tracking & wading.

Theory: canoe and environmental ethics, river running theory, reading white water, knowledge of river classification, canoe heritage, canoe design and construction.



This course teaches the skills that competent flat-water paddlers need in order to maneuver safely in easy to intermediate level rapids. During the course you'll learn eddy turns, S turns and front ferries, as well as back ferries and surfing. Participants will practice canoe-over-canoe and throw bag rescues. At the end of this course, you'll be able to recognize and avoid hazards in Class I and II water, opening up many tripping possibilities for you!

If you have a group interested in such a course, contact us. We can run a private course for you!

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