These three days are set up to help you know better how to plan, organize and go on your own canoe trip. Our plan is to set up a base camp on French Lake and do our instruction there. We will work on skills and techniques. Canoe trip scenarios will get you involved in the learning process. It will be great fun and educational.

Pre-requisite Skills

Since this is only a short course it is important to came with the required skills in order to allow the school to run smoothly. These are the prerequisites:

You are a good swimmer and are not afraid of water; you have your Paddle Canada Lake Canoe Intermediate Skills or equivalent and you are in fairly good physical condition.

Testing Terms

This course is designed to teach you what you need to know to successfully and comfortably go on your own canoe trip.

Included in the course are: paddling techniques, map and compass, campsite selection, menu planning, fires and stoves, packing, knots and lashing, portaging, judgement skills, trip planning and preparation, teaching techniques, emergency preparation and techniques.

Safety: retrieving a swamped canoe, canoe over canoe rescue, self rescues, throw bag rescue, safety planning and preparation, trip logs, group management, equipment.

Theory: canoe heritage, canoe design & construction, route selection, equipment and clothing, canoe tripping.

Other Information

You will bring your own equipment (tent and sleeping bag and other personal gear). Churchill River Canoe Outfitters will supply all group gear, food, canoe and rescue equipment.


May 29-31, 2020